Kim, Dong Hoe


Kim, Dong Hoe Chairman_Founder / Architect

Architecture is the start of working to build the world where we live.
And architecture is a science as well as an art reflecting all the values of the era.

Since it was established in 1974, Sangji Environment & Architects, Inc. (Sangji) has been driven by a continuous and authentic affection for architecture with each step.

In the process of passing from twenty-five years of the 20thcentury to ten years of the 21st century and working with a sincere mind toward architecture, human beings and nature, just like hiking along the ridges of Mt. Jiri, our minds have fused with the points, lines, sides and spaces of lives full of dreams, hope, and accomplishments, along with anguish, doubt, frustration and despair.

In order to reflect the values of each era through architecture, we will create a new living space in accordance with the new trends with our creative minds based on the passion and know-how obtained from the previous 35 years.

Kim, Dong HoeChairman_Founder / Architect

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