Design project

Ideal creations for the living place of human beings

Sangji creates profit for customers and society with the best designs.

상지건축의 체계적인 인간중심 서비스 솔루션을 따라 고객의 미래에 최상의 설계로 세워집니다.The best design will be prepared for the customer’s future according to systematic, human-centered service solutions.

We are working comprehensively to create ideal living places for human beings in every part of the construction industry, such as architectural design, urban restoration, city maintenance, design research, etc. And we try to satisfy various customer needs and pursue only high-quality service, leading domestic and foreign design culture based on excellent experts that have creativity and technology in accordance with the changing trends.

Architectural Design


Design for Projects

  • Analyzing the potential building site
  • Coming up with a design concept by understanding the program
  • Using the given building site efficiently and reasonably
  • Selecting the building site and progressing the plan

Design for Plans

  • Establishing a plan for the function, size, and form of the building
  • Coming up with an architectural design solution
  • Providing basic data and analyzing the project cost

Basic Design

  • Preparation step of enforcement design
  • Solving design problems
  • Minimizing what to compensate and continuous adjustment
  • Establishing the minimum drawing

Enforcement Design

  • Submitting the drawing to the constructor
  • Actual construction
  • Providing support documentation about the construction authorities and cost

Urban Regeneration

Environmental Restoration

  • Highly efficient use of land
  • Infrastructure development in the given buildings
  • Reducing environment load

Economy Restoration

  • Creating new industries and jobs
  • Boosting existing economic activities
  • Expanding the local commercial area

Living Restoration

  • Reformation of environment related to culture, welfare and education
  • Sustainable community
  • Boosting the residents’ participation

City Maintenance

A consultant for successful business based on systematic and organized business management and accumulated know-how

Work Scope

  • Analyzing the business value of redevelopment/reconstruction/remodeling and establishing a strategy
  • Setting up the business procedure of redevelopment/reconstruction/remodeling
  • Investment consulting, research and development

Study of Design

Environmentally friendly architectural design and study of design appropriate to the site condition aiming for future maintenance

Data Processing/Classification/Support

Searching the data and providing databases necessary for all areas of architecture, city, culture and design

Digital Design
BIM (building Information Modeling), Rhino Ceros

Collection of new information and architectural design using programs such as BIM and Rhino and improvement of design

Library and Information Management

Enhancing the image of Sangji that has led to its self-development through book management

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