Research Lab

Future-oriented thinking and value creation for customers

We encourage voluntary and continuous R&D throughout the company by creating an environment for R&D.


Searching for attractive solutions to drive healthy architecture and cities

Attractive Solution for Architecture & Urban

The Sangji Architecture Institute has conducted research activities to combine design and technology to make our living space more attractive.
Based on this vision of the institute, we have been trying our best in R&D with an attitude of concentration, reflection and convergence.


Through research and development, we have improved business value, contributed to the improvement of architecture and the urban environment and created value with design and technology.


Improving technology by aiming to accomplish the goal of Sangji’s vision and displaying its full ability through R&D

Reinforcing the company’s technology, gaining a competitive advantage and balancing between technology and philosophy through R&D


  • Head of Institute
    • 자문단
    • 디자인 PART
      • 디자인 건축
      • 도시 재생
      • 친환경 건축디자인
      • 해양 건축디자인
    • 연구지원 PART
      • 연구용역관리
      • 연구 지원
      • 특허 관리
    • 기술 PART
      • CM/VE 기술
      • 환경/방재
      • 신기술 개발


Company’s Own Study

  • Predicting and analyzing future markets
  • Analyzing the latest trends and inducing adjustment
  • Developing patents and new technology

Research and Service

  • Conducting feasibility studies and service for research consulting
  • Performing research tasks for public clients
  • Accumulating information and making DBs


  • Establishing a cooperative system between universities and every organizations and conducting joint research
  • Sharing knowledge and information by issuing journals
  • Forming an R&D network
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